Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Words

Last week I stayed home with Bo because he had a fever. He was acting perfectly fine but temp = no daycare. After lunch, I took him outside to our porch swing glider-bench. We have been working on signing for months, and his favorite sign is light. It does not matter if the light is on or off, he raises his arm in the air, and moves his hand. He loves to sign it and now that we taught him how to turn the light on and off, he is tickled pink err blue? Anyway, back to the bench. I asked him what a dog says, and he says "Ruff! Ruff!" Then I asked him what a kitty says, and he says "Meow! Meow!" My boy is smart, what can I say?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1 year old!

What a week! The day before his birthday, he started taking steps!! He loved it, and laughed each time we had him walk to one of us. We don't think it will be much longer before he will officially be walking on his own! Wednesday (his b-day) we had Kyle's family over for dinner and I made him a cake. He likes frosting, but never really got into the cake. Thursday we had his doctor's appointment. The doctor showed me his front four top teeth all ready to come through...but haven't...darn teeth! Friday Bo had pictures done, complete with cake and balloons. He is such the little poser. And Sunday was the big party! 50 people came to help celebrate! Here are some pics: