Monday, January 19, 2009

Tackling the diaper changes

Because of Bo's new found milestone of rolling over to his tummy, it now takes both of us to change a poopy diaper. One of us holds his legs while the other one wipes. It usually goes something like this:
Lay Bo down on changing table.
Flips over and is now on all fours
Flip him back over. (This sometimes happens two or three times before I'm completely ready to change him.)
Put left arm underneath him to keep him from flipping over.
Starts to whine because he realizes he's being pinned down
Remove pants and un-button onesie.
Undo diaper.
Crap he's poopy.
Yell for Kyle to come help.
Hold up legs while Kyle wipes.
Whoops, accidentally let go of one leg, both my hand and Bo's leg now have poop on them but Kyle doesn't see this.
Now sticking hands down by the poopy diaper
Kyle wipes up mess and starts to grab diaper.
"Please get the poop off of his leg and my finger."
Still holding legs up
"Right here!" Trying to nod with my head.
"Right HERE!"
"I don't see any poop."
"Are you BLIND? It's right here!"
"Oh there it is."
Bo is now crying by this point.


Katie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, I'm really not looking forward to that stage again.... I'd kinda forgotten about it... and I just have to add this again:

MWAH HA HA HA HA ~ love Bo

yellowgirl said...

ahh. a glimpse of things to come...