Friday, December 26, 2008

Being Mobile

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Bo had a great 1st Christmas! We saw lots of family over the last few days and it was nice to stay at home and watch Bo have fun with his new toys and spend time with both Grandmas and Grandpas.

Bo has been "scooting" for the past week and half to two weeks, but yesterday he almost figured out how to crawl. He saw his new toys, and that was all the motivation he needed. He just needs a little more coordination with the legs and he's there.

I really am excited for this new milestone but its also bittersweet. Our baby is growing up too fast! Where has the last 8 months gone?? It was nice to leave him on the floor and know that he would be there just happy playing, not going anywhere. But not anymore!

Babyproofing the house shouldn't be too bad, I just hope I don't forget something.

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Katie said...

If you forget something babyproofing, I'm sure Bo will be more than happy to show you what it is :-)