Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Sweet is This?

Sorry for the lack of posts...I don't even have a lame excuse for my absence. Bo is almost 17 months, and just as fun as can be! He now has 6 teeth, and still has all his curls! They can be a little unruly, especially if he has bedhead, but nothing that a little squirt of the bottle won't fix! And I think I can officially say that after about 5 or 6 months, he now has no problems going to other, women. Granma Deb is very relieved at this.
Likes: "Shooting" hoops, anything to has to do with being outside, Dadda, graham crackers, milk, his blankie, brushing his teeth and his bath.
Dislikes: getting dressed, diaper changes, and having to go inside if he's having too much fun outside.

He is understanding more what we say. If I say something he knows and likes, he will give a little laugh. Now if we tell him it's bath time, he will walk to the bathroom -- even if he's outside!

We have been working on a few signs. Now that he knows the sign for Please, the sign for More went out the window. I am trying to teach him "Thank You" which is similar to blowing a kiss, and on Monday night after doing the sign for Thank you, he kissed his hand like he was blowing me a kiss. I had to get a video of it.

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