Thursday, November 5, 2009


Bo had his 18-month checkup on Tuesday. He fought every single bit of it. From the temper tantrum in the waiting room, to refusing to cooperate with the nurse on height and weight checks to the doctor listening to his lungs and checking his ears. He is 23lbs 3oz, and 32 3/4inches long. We did find out that Bo does have an inguinal hernia that will require surgery. It's not bad yet, but it will be - because his passageway is still open...something that should have closed by 1 year of age. The passageway is so big, the doctor was able to stick his pinkie finger through it. If left untreated, his small intestine could make its way into the opening/passageway and its blood supply would get cut off. We are scheduling the surgery for the beginning of the year, unless its an emergency situation before then. I am switching to low deductible insurance for him and I, and the surgical place is ok with waiting until then. I am ok with it now, probably because its a couple months off still. I might be a nervous wreck on surgery day.

Keep him in your prayers!
- Pray that he won't develop a serious hernia between now and the 1st of the year
- Pray that surgery goes well. The doctors would have steady hands with such a small body.

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