Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I really need to get better about writing on here! Bo is fast approaching 2 years old and is becoming more and more like a little boy. He is talking more, putting words together to form two and three word sentences. And still makes up words for things. I think the only new ones are "nut-ohs" for fruit snacks and "bum" for vitamin. He is starting to use real words in place of his made-up words. Of course, his favorite is his "minay" which is his basketball hoop. The boy is obsessed with his minay. He could shoot hoops all day! I think we have a basketball star in the making..haha!

From Spring/Summer 2010

Fittingly enough, we are having a basketball-themed birthday party and I'm going to once again attempt to make his cake...stay tuned for the results!

The boy that once was attached to his binkie or "beyo" is now almost done being weaned. We started by not letting him have it unless he was in the car, or at naptime or bedtime. Then I cut out the car, that met some resistance but he got over it fast. Now he looks at books and sometimes holds his wooden monkey. Two nights ago, I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't give it to him at bedtime. He asked a few times but I simply said "No beyo." and turned on his soother to distract him. Amazingly it worked! I hope he keeps this up. Last to go will be naps simply because he's at daycare with other kids in the room and I'm afraid he will have a meltdown.

I also have been working on having him walk into daycare and walk out to the car. He loves to walk now instead of being carried but for some reason, that minay is too much for him and he just wants to go play (they have one outside on their front deck). He'd get so far, and then he want to play instead of go inside or leave. Anyway, I shouldn't be carrying him all the time for too much longer with being preggers and all, so I figured it was time to start. The last few days, he's walked in with me, holding my hand, takes his jacket off (still with my help)..he gives me a kiss goodbye and goes in with the rest of them. He's turning into quite the little boy! Makes me sad a little..


yellowgirl said...

oh! that makes me kind of sad too! That means my little boy isn't far behind! I'm so anxious to see you guys again :)

Anonymous said...

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