Friday, December 11, 2009


This month has gone by way too fast! I wanted to sit down and write an update on Bo. (I have no memory, so ya know this type of stuff helps jog my memory down the road.)

- We welcomed Cade Joseph Wilkinson into the family on Dec 10th. Bo's going to have another boy cousin to play with!!

- We are now battling sinus infection #2. Right after SI #1 ended, SI #2 started. It could be worse but I just want him to be healthy for awhile! It's no fun for him or us.

- Snow days! We stayed home on Tuesday because Bo was under the weather and because of high winds and 10 in of snow, we all stayed home Wednesday. It was fun to have a nice, relaxing day at home...although I'd rather use vacation when I want to use it. Thank goodness for our friend Keith who was able to take me to work the next day.

- Bo is starting to repeat us more and make new words. Both the cats are "Ma" (probably because of Max), Zoe is "Rara" or "Rolo" (the daycare's dog). Knows about 5 different animal sounds, his favorite being a "Neigh!" That's what horses are called - Neighs. He's got quite the vocabulary now.

- He's taken an interest in potty training, but a small interest at that. He tugs at his diaper when he's going to go #2 and loves to say the word "Potty" and sit on his potty seat.

- Books! He loves to be read to! Books with sounds or flaps are his favorite. (Or if they have a Neigh in them ;) )

Here's a recent picture:

From winter/christmas 09

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