Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project 365

Now that I'm at home full time, I decided to do the 365 Project. 11 days in, and I have gotten a picture every day. This should help me update the blog more and document what is going on in our life. It's a win-win situation ;)

January 1, 2011
From 365 Project

Grandma Deb bought Calista this cute onesie for Christmas. She is starting to sit up better and is such a happy baby.

January 2, 2011
From 365 Project

Someone is finally big enough for the jumperoo! And she likes it!

January 3, 2011
From 365 Project

We've had a rough couple of weeks getting Calista to bed. But for a couple of months, she will only let me put her to bed. The thing she is wearing is a Woombie, and it is awesome! It has no arm holes, and keeps her from flailing and waking herself up. She hates getting in it, but once she does she settles right down.

January 4, 2011
From 365 Project

Another night, same story. I will get her drowsy, put her down, and she wakes up! Or she'll sleep for a 1/2 hour and wake up screaming. I. Don't. Get. It.

January 5, 2011
From 365 Project

Kyle working on the budget.

January 6, 2011
From 365 Project

Bo loves his "baby" - aka Calista's glowworm. He's always saying "Baby's crying!" "Feed her mommy!" So cute.

January 7, 2011
From 365 Project

The boy and his trains. Grandpa Ron bought an electric train set and Bo is fascinated by it.

January 8, 2011
From 365 Project

Bo has been on a shower phase for months. I asked him if he wanted to take one, and he said no (typical). Then he changed his mind. "I wanna take a bwawth!"

January 9, 2011
From 365 Project

Calista and me. Do we look alike or what?

January 10, 2011
From 365 Project

Snow Day! Well, at least for me. I love not having to go out in this. Lincoln got 6.7 inches.

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